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 The resume often presents the first chance to leave an impression with a potential employer. For this reason, the resume should showcase your content in the best possible light, while making good use of the effective verbs and keywords. Due to the fact that many employers are increasingly using the internet search engines and various software to select winning resumes, word choice and keyword usage is even more critical in your job search today. This is also driving many employers’ and recruiters’ demand for digital resumes and cover letters in a digital format, such as Microsoft Word documents. In fact, it is becoming more and more common for potential employers to exclusively accept digital resumes in certain companies.

Online recruiting tends to not only be easier for recruiters, but also cheaper.  In fact, it can be up to ten times cheaper to find employees online than it is to place a print ad for a job opening. However, the paper resume can still be used to one’s advantage in many situations, and it is recommended to have both print and digital versions available to use. At Detroit Resume Service, we have found that many of our applicants have used both with great success in their job searches. When using a print resume, it is essential that it is properly formatted and visually appealing to ensure that it will stand out. It can also help to use a higher quality of paper than is used by other applicants. This nonverbally communicates that your resume is quality and must be treated with respect.

For many years now, job seekers have been using the internet to bypass the typical application process, and opt to email resumes directly to employers. Another technique is mass distribution or email blasting, which is an effective, but time-consuming way of gaining visibility.

It’s also important to recognize the fact that resumes for individuals in the medical field, educators, or individuals in other highly specialized fields may require a lengthier resume than most. The most common formats used in resumes are ‘chronological,’ ‘reverse chronological,’ and ‘functional.’

The reverse chronological resume does a great job at showing a general career direction and development while filling in gaps in employment history. If you have any gaps in your employment history, generally speaking, you would be best served to avoid a chronological resume. Lastly, the functional resume tends to focus on highlighting one’s skills and experience, and is usually used for professions that demand very specific skills or characteristics of personality.

While we don’t guarantee that you’ll get every job you apply for--no one can--whether marketing yourself to employers online or offline, Detroit Resume Service provides disturbingly powerful solutions that maximize your results as much as humanly possible. Check them out here.

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