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What is the process for ordering?

The process is quite simple. Simply visit our ordering page and select on the perfect package for you. You will be taken to our secure Paypal payment processing page to complete your order.Then, if you have ordered a resume or CV package, upload your most current resume or CV and complete the form located HERE.

After all information is received, just sit back and relax as our team gets to work on your order. We will email you your copies in Microsoft Word and PDF formats within 4-5 days, depending on the number of clients ahead of you.


Is my order secure?

Yes, we use Paypal to process all credit or debit card information. Paypal is one of the most trusted, and most secure financial processing companies in the world, utilizing the most advanced security measures available. We never have access to any of your sensitive information. We also never sell or share any information with any third parties, excluding payment processors or service providers necessary for fulfillment of your order.


Can I just do this myself? I found a free resume template online.

Sure you can. Millions of people do that everyday. And our customers eat them for lunch! Alongside the need for stellar content, composition, and artistry, a resume must stand out enough to be noticed in the first place! A generic, cookie-cutter resume template that has been used by countless thousands of other people has little chance of standing out from all the others just like it. And you could write your own, from scratch, but, if you were satisfied with the results of your own handiwork, you wouldn't be here. Save yourself the heartache and guesswork. Save yourself from the endless frustration and confusion. Let us properly showcase your strengths and skills, while you pat yourself on the back for making a brilliant investment in your career.


Do you only work with customers in Detroit?

No. Although we are based in Detroit, as an online company, we are able to serve the entire country, and beyond. Over 1200 customers and recruiters place their trust in us, each week, to write the most effective professional resumes in the world. We are proud to serve customers in all 50 states of our beautiful country.


What if I don't like the finished result?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. In the rare event that you should not be satisfied with the finished result, we will revise it until you are.


Do you have samples that I can look at?

We no longer post samples on our website, after numerous occurences of finding countless fraudulent sites stealing our work. Also, due to the fact that all of our work is custom drafted just for you, no two resumes will be exactly alike.


Why can't I just buy a resume, without buying a package?

If writing tens of thousands of resumes has taught us anything, it's that certain products just work better in conjunction with each other. To break them up into separate pieces is to diminish their effectiveness.


Why should I  use Detroit Resume Service?

Maybe you shouldn't. While our team of resume writers works with upwards of 1000 delighted customers each week, we aren't a perfect fit for everyone. Nor is everyone a perfect customer for us. And as we approach the limit of the number of jobs we can handle, we may be forced to turn potential customers away, in order to continue to provide the level of quality, attention and service that we're known for.

If you are simply looking for the cheapest resume service you can find, then we suggest you look elsewhere. There are even free resume templates avalable online, if you are so inclined.  There are numerous companies who charge less and will be more than willing to take your money. Hopefully it will be written by someone who speaks English as their first language, and isn't something you'd be embarassed to use. Maybe someone will use a cookie-cutter template that's identical to the one they used for every other resume they 'wrote.' But when you're ready for something that elevates you to a higher level of professionalism, we think you'll find that our resume and cover letter is worth more than the modest investment.




Detroit Resume Service

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