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Is Your Resume Lacking?

 It has been said that your resume only has10-15 seconds to catch the eye of an employer. That's one of the deadliest misconceptions made by  many amateurs.  The unsettling truth is that if your resume is lacking in critical areas, it will never even be seen. As the preferred Detroit resume writers for thousands of satisfied professionals, we understand the inside world of human resources so you don't have to.


How Many Other People Applied For That Position You Heard About? 



With hundreds of applicants for a single position being commonplace, most employers now use sophisticated software to help them screen out unqualified applicants before anyone even looks a single resume or cover letter.. If you don't use use the proper wording, the software will essentially delete you from the applicant pool.


If you manage to make it past that step, your resume must be crafted to highlight your skills and attributes in a way that compels the employer to schedule an interview with you. You have to be aware of the tiniest grammar, spelling, formatting, or arrangement mistakes  that will get your resume tossed. One cannot simply write to please the software, or write just to please the human resources manager. Both must be addressed elegantly and skillfully. Any truly professional resume service in Detroit must know how to do all of these things, while using all of the proper buzzwords and keywords for your industry, in just the right way.


This All Sounds So Complicated!


That's because it is. In Detroit, resume writing demands a delicate balance of skill sets that blends art  and science. Our team of experienced  professionals draws upon years of practical real-world insights, forming a synergistic force which is far greater than the sum of its parts. Save yourself from  the pain; leverage our knowledge for your gain!



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Testimonials | Detroit Resume Service

Our Customers Rave! Here Are Just Some Of Our Testimonials:

"Thanks guys, you really over-deliver. You fixed things on my old resume that I didn't even know were killing my chances at getting interviews, and the finished product is much better than anything I would've come up with. Thanks for making me look like a rock star! You are my 'secret weapon' from now on!" -- Marie S. - Sales Manager



"I was really stumped by this whole process for the longest time. I read the books, tried to do it myself, and eventually just ended up settling on some free resume templates that I thought were pretty decent. Boy, was I wrong! After months and months of sending out that resume, it finally dawned on me that I didn't have a clue about what I was doing, and I should hire a professional. It was the best decision I ever made. Keep up the great work." -- Jason J. - Graphic Designer


"I spent so many years with the same company, I had completely lost touch with how to start applying for jobs again. I knew that the job market was much different than it was years ago, when I was seeking work, but little did I know that my old resume was so outdated that it was actually working against me. My new resume is already paying off! I have a couple of interviews  lined up, and thanks to you, I have already created massive interest before even walking through the door. " -- Sarah H. - Network Supervisor


"I was really skeptical about what to expect from an online resume writing service, but I something told me to give your company a shot.Thanks for taking care of a 'first-timer' like me like I was your most important client. The skill behind the resume and cover letter really shows. I would hire me!"  -- Jennifer G. - HR Generalist

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